About Us

Bringing the world of learning to challenging students requires dedicated understanding, support and encouragement. That's why the Annex School prioritises:

  • Providing pupils with a structured, consistent routine environment with  well-defined boundaries.
  • Setting high expectations, aspirations and a ‘can do’ culture.
  • Fostering a positive relationship with the teachers and teaching assistants.

Helping to enable the School's priorities, each pupil's learning needs are overseen by the school's SENCO. The Annex School also provides a safe, secure environment in which students feel valued in - in order to progress with both academic and social learning. 

To encourage the ‘fun’ dimensions of learning via the 'Every Child Matters' ethos - to 'Enjoy & Achieve'.

Seeking to provide an ‘unconditional love’ approach to pupils making mistakes,we provide high quality teaching and learning within a planned and organized curriculum.

Maintaining regular links between tutors, key workers, social workers and
parents is also essential, as is developing a personalised learning approach
and meeting the individual needs of each child.

Brendan Aherne -  

Director of Care and Education / Head Teacher

Guy Tarrant


Ann Pryke


Linda Riches

LSA (full time)

In addition to the above organisation structure we have additional LSAs who work within the school to provide 1:1 or 2:1 support with the children. 

Importantly, without the following dedicated people the school wouldn't function at all - and they are:                       

Ronnie Mortimer             

Domestic Assistant

Mark Satterley

Maintenance Operative

Pam Farlie

Personnel and Training officer