Art & Design

Art & Design at The Annex School is taught in a progressive manner and 
for many years has been successfully delivered at G.C.S.E. level.

At the Annex school pupils are entrusted to use a serious range of materials and techniques. Recently workshops have involved stone carving, welding, Batik, wood turning and street art graffiti.

Much of the artwork often explores issues of identity and self-portraiture.

Children with emotional difficulties may often express very powerful ideas about themselves in their artwork. 

Pupils are encouraged to engage in contemporary process such as Conceptual Sculpture and performance orientated activities, and they are carefully guided towards personal project work that feeds into their own inclinations, interests and life experiences.

In the Wall Piece ‘The past cannot be changed, edited or erased it can only be accepted’ a pupil reflects on his long-term situation of being in care. In ‘Expressions of Anger’ (series of photos) a student greens up as the hulk and pretends to go on the rampage; a reflection of his own difficulty in controlling his anger. In ‘Mixed-Race Man’ a pupil explores his complex dual heritage through reconstructed action figures and in the artwork ‘Invincible suit of Armour’ a pupil creates a super-hero identity whereby issues of invincibility and resilience are played out through re-enactment work. Other notable work also examines expressive concerns through masks and personal tag meanings.

Art is taught by a highly experienced professional artist and is supported by further outstanding specialised community artists and designers.