School News - 2014/15

Leaf it Out

In case you didn't read it on our Noticeboard: Branching out all the way from Thailand, two new sticky additions have joined us at the school - Twiggy and Prince Young.

We hope everyone at school helps support these curious creatures in their new environment - and forgive any opportunity for Stick Insect based puns.

What is Batik?

This method of adding designs to cloth is creative, meticulous and can produce interesting results - and Ray will be with us on 24th to show us how to put our splendid efforts onto T-shirts.  



With over 700 peculiar and interactive exhibits over 6 floors, Ripley's Believe it or Not World is advertised as "one of the most extraordinary things to do in London!".

This month it was one of our school outings, so on this page we couldn't wait to post news of our amazement. <

What News
The year started and we all got down to studying, learning new things and getting to grips with new subjects - and before we knew it, time had quickly passed. Post the news!