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​Welcome, Gazza, to the Annex School

We are proud present a new addition to the Annex School.

He doesn’t however possess the same quick feet as his namesake. In fact, he hasn’t got any feet at all.

Well, okay, maybe one – and it’s a relatively huge foot.

Yes, it’s Gary the fish tank snail! 

Rather than teach how to play football, his job is to eat algae and help keep the glass clean.


Artistic Flair

At this school we allow children to explore and develop their skills and talents, from computer programming to music to art and everything in between.


Darth Vader, Angel Wings, and Black-Eyed Peas

No, not 'The Dark Lord', the flight appendages of heavenly beings and a funky music group; the above are names of the three fish that have joined us at the school.

These denizens of cold water are now living in our pump-filtered aquarium. The filter will help keep the tank clean, and the pump will help oxygenate the water by breaking the water's surface.

When cleaning the tank or replacing water it’s also important that we leave the tap water to stand for 24hours before the fish are introduced to it. This allows time for tap-water Chlorine to dissipate and not harm the fish.

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