School News 

Baby News!

Gary the fish-tank snail has given birth. What? Yes, male snails do this.

Scorpions and Stick Insects are among the only other species capable of producing clones.

Our new addition named Little Matt, he is tiny and difficult to locate but he is very fast. Relatively speaking.

Attention! This is Not a Drill

No, it's a pencil case inspection.


Yes, that's right. It is essential to have the correct equipment to do a job, and organising oneself at this level is an achievable way to begin a learning process.

Just like making one's bed each day, a simple (and well done) achievement at the start of each day sets the tone for what follows.

What's more, at school, extra points are awarded for Stationery order.


Artistic Flair

At this school we allow children to explore and develop their skills and talents, from computer programming to music to art and everything in between.