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Raspberry Pi


School Clubs

Lunchtime Clubs

Console Club

Most young people enjoy playing games on a console, and occasionally things go awry with the parental settings set too high, updates not taking or internet connections failing. Solution? Join the console club. 

One device looked at per session - with teachers and carers as well because some want to learn as well.

Coding club 

Python, Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Minecraft Education Edition, 'Gamemaker' software, Scratch: Coding can start at any age. Starting with Scratch programming is a good way to start learning about Coding concepts, as is Minecraft Education Edition. When student grow out of this stage, having gained some basic knowledge, learning about Gamemaker or Python and the Raspberry Pi can get very advanced.


A popular amongst the children is the word game Scrabble. Even the most non-plussed children eventually get a bit hooked.

Scrabble Champions:

  • 2021 NPM
  • 2020 NPM 
  • 2018 NPM
  • 2017 AA