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School News - 2022

Annex Sessions - New Music

Check out the lyrical mastery of our young people, ably and expertly produced by our resident music professional.

Poetry Please

'Imagine! Thought Provoking Poetry' is a book of UK poets, published by 'YoungWriters'. Although 2 of our students didn't win the competition, their poems were in their recent publication - ISBN 9781800153332.

Here's a heartfelt contribution from one of our young people, JK:

My One Wish
I have just one wish
Simple though it may be
It's the one thing that is best for me
I want to go home
I need to feel free
Feel the warmth of my family
It's been so long​
Trying to put right what I've done wrong
the way you do that is to behave and be strong
It's up to me to mend my ways
I'll do what everyone says
My wish will come true one day.

Term Championship Scrabble 

Scrabble is a game everyone can play, it's fun, and it's a good way to increase vocabulary - and not time try and get away with 'colourful' words.

With the proliferation of Word games on computers and smartphones, each term it is necessary for our competitive wordsmiths to play it properly - using the famous Scrabble board game.

While some lessons are conducted online, and after school games consoles are a favourite pass-time for young people, the real-world Scrabble remains our undisputed king of the boardgames.

Even if a pupil turns their nose up at playing, it is human nature to soon want to get involved. Especially when there is a trophy involved. 



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